I Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren makes me feel hopeful again. No other candidate does.

In 2020, Americans need more than an anti-Trump fighter (although Warren has shown herself to be Amazonian in her skills in that regard). We need something to vote for, not just against.

I’ll be honest: Warren was not my first or even second choice initially. But, over time, it became clear to me that she is in the fight of her life on our behalf, not hers. She is not power-seeking for power’s sake. She is not motivated by a desire to be proven right but rather by the desire to help others. I have watched her throughout the campaign, waiting patiently for her to disappoint me on policy or to show some hidden Machiavellian intent. Neither of those things has happened.

Simply put, Warren won me over.

Is Warren perfect as a human being or a politician? No one is. No one ever will be. That’s not an appropriate measurement. When I’m evaluating candidates, these are some of the questions I ask myself:

The answer to all of these questions with regard to Elizabeth Warren is YES.

Elizabeth Warren’s integrity is unassailable. She speaks truth to power and has done so throughout her life in the political sphere. Her progressive policy positions are more than I have ever before dared to dream for in a candidate I believe is capable of winning both the Democratic nomination and the general election. As she and her campaign invite us to do, I am daring to dream big.

Warren’s campaign is being run with a clarity of purpose that demonstrates who Warren is as a leader and what kind of a president she will be. Her campaign stands out from all of the other candidates’ in its unique and impressive combination of ferocity and kindness. Attacked from all sides, they do not waiver. They do not engage in petty smears or disingenuous deflections. Like Warren herself, they persist. They are a team that makes you want to join them. So I am:

In the 2020 Democratic primary, I will be voting FOR Elizabeth Warren. Not against any other candidate, not even against Trump, but for Warren.

Elizabeth Warren is the leader we need at this moment. I believe in her. I believe in the future she, her team, her plans, and her supporters will create. And I feel hopeful again for the first time since the morning of 11/9/2016.

(Warren also happens to be a woman. The fact that, after the nightmare of the Trump era, we will be able to see a woman become president within my lifetime is icing on the proverbial political cake. Delicious icing, yes, but just icing, nonetheless.)

I am officially and enthusiastically #TeamWarren, and, together, we will #WinWithWarren.


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